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Don't be fooled by your local dealer who tells you to buy a whole new vertical blind when all you need is a new headrail at a fraction of the cost. Replacement rails are not expensive. I know, you're thinking John, I don't want that cheap stuff at Home Depot or Lowes. Well you don't have to sacrifice quality for price. I can get you a replacement rail for $6 per foot. If you have an 8 foot wide sliding glass door, your blind is probably 101 inches wide, give or take an inch. Round up 101 inches to 9 feet and your looking at $54 for your new high quality headrail. This rail is very similiar to what Skandia has. You shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to replace a blind that looks good but doesn't work like it used to. The land fill doesn't need more junk. Buy your new, made to your exact size, rail here.

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Several brands of vertical blinds are available.

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Valance Cord & Chain Control Wand Control

Skandia Verticals

SaVanna Verticals by Skandia now offer exciting new styles like louvers that coordinate with several of Skandia's most popular
roller shade fabrics and faux wood horizontals! Skandia's verticals are now available with clear back groovers. SaVanna Verticals are perfect for covering large windows and are quick and easy to install.

JCBlinds Verticals

High quality verticals, with a wide selection of colors and patterns. Blinds here all feature warranties unless otherwise stated.


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