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So what's new in color for wood blinds? Espresso! Yes, espresso is the latest color to hit the "Must Have" crowd. Espresso, that concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing very hot water under high pressure through coffee , is all the rage in furniture and also in wood blinds. After all wood blinds are known to be furniture for your windows. It almost looks like black but really is a very dark,dark, brown. So the next time you are out to buy a Pub Height Dining Table Set that has an "Espresso" finish consider looking at Hunter Douglas and their Chalet 2" wood blinds in Espresso. 2" Espresso wood blinds.
I'm not a big fan of 1" wood blinds because when you pull them up they stack so thick. And why would you want to dust off twice as many slats as a 2" blind. However there are times when you have limited sill depth and want the custom look of an inside mount real wood blind. In that case check out these premium 1" wood blinds.
I was asked if I have black fake wood blinds or faux wood blinds in a black color and I didn't have them in the fake stuff but they are availabe in black wood. You can get a free swatch mailed to you so that you can check it out to see it it's the right black for you. It's a Bali blind so you know you are getting a good quality window covering. Check out Ebony Wood.
Do you need some help installing your wood blinds? Here are 2 installation instructions in .pdf form for you to download and save to your computer. One is from Hunter Douglas and the other is from Graber/Bali/Springs and whatever other name they go by.
Graber/Bali - Pretty basic.
Hunter Douglas - Comes with troubleshooting and cleaning instructions.

I'm selling wood blind brackets for $2.99.

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Wood Blind Sample
   These wood blinds are made of 100% real wood and are offered in over 50 different finishes ranging from painted, stained, high gloss vanity and sandblasted finishes. Like fine quality furniture, Skandia's wood blinds are crafted from only the finest quality hardwoods. Options on these blinds include: Fabric Ladder Tape (Optional piece of cloth covering the strings eg. the blind pictured left) and motorization on 1" and 2" wood blinds.The fabric ladder tape is available in 15 different colors which include black,white, and yellow. It has been my experience with this option that the blind does not close as tight as when you use the standard ladders. Just food for thought in case light control is your primary objective.

Installation tips for installing 2 inch wood blinds:
When you order 2 inch blinds to be mounted inside your window frame, the factory will take 1/2 inch of your total width. If you measured and submitted a size of 36" wide by 58" long IB (Inside Bracket) the blind will measure 35 1/2". This is an industry standard. You might notice some side to side play after you have mounted your blinds. If you install your screws horizontally into the side window frame the 1/8" thickness of the hex head will miminmize some of the play. 1/8" on each side closes your blind in by 1/4" total. Some wood blinds come with a metal end brace or stifner to add support to the end of the headrail. These are bendable and can be bent out to add more width to the blind and minimize side to side swaying. On the flipside, if you have a blind that is too tight and doesn't seem to fit into the brackets, you can mount your screw straight up into the top of your window sill which now gives you an additional 1/4" space to your opening. You can also remove the end braces mentioned about to give you an additional 1/8" to 3/16" of added space. So you see you can actually adjust the width of your blinds without bringing out the dreaded hacksaw or miter saw.

Color Selection
Paint Finish
Brite WhitePure WhiteAlabasterBoneNavajoAlmost White
Stain Finish
MinkJadeNaturalSilver MistGolden OakMousse
PecanWhite WashWalnutMapleCherryMahogany

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2" Wood Blinds

Please note: These prices reflect painted finishes. Stain finishes are approximately 5% more . Add $20 to price if you want Cloth ladder tapes. Add $15 for routeless feature.
Prices not including shipping. CA residents add applicable sales tax.

24"30"36"42" 48"54"60"66"72" 78"84"90"96"
30"677793101 113125140149159 178193205215
36"7187102112 125137159172178 206214228240
42"7897113126 141153177182192 224241258270
48"85106123137 152169194205224 248271291305
54"94115133148 167187210228248 278299320336
60"100123142157 180205227248265 302326348365
66"108134152171 195223250272289 329354392411
72"118142163184 208242272290316 350377405425
78"128146175200 227255282305337 373404432
84"138155187212 247272304341374 399431
90"147165195227 259294324350382 419
96"155171200239 268303339367408 449
102"162180209244 281319355395429
Slats(ea.)4445 55666 7789
Val Only10131518 202325273032 343739
All widths larger than 72" are not covered by the warranty. To overcome this, we recommend that you order two seperate blinds to cover your window. It would also save a lot
on shipping.

Product Notes:
Slight variations in color as well as minimal warpage may occur. These are the natural tendencies of all wood products, and are considered acceptable. Specifying ladders that are darker than the wood slat will result in a transference of the dye used in the coloration process of the ladders to the slats creating ladder line dye marks. Multiple blinds on one headrail, specified with a single control, can be manufactured, but will void the warranty of the product. To ensure color matching, all blinds should be ordered for the same room at one time. When ordering blinds hanging side by side, please review our ladder cut off chart. You may be able to adjust the width of the blinds you are ordering and thus ensure that the number of ladders on each blind will be the same. The gap between multiple blinds on one hearail is 1/4". The braided ladder material will strectch over time, making it impossible to gurarantee slat alignment between multiple blinds on one headrail.